Involved Parties

An overview of the parties involved

Logistics providers

Ground handlers, barge operators, forwarding agents, air freight operators, shipping companies, shipbrokers, terminals and road hauliers have already declared their support for the NLIP.


Shippers of goods want transparency, innovation and cooperation. Uniform systems such as the NLIP meet all these needs.


Integrated information systems are in the interest of mainports such as Schiphol and the port authorities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam, which already have their own community systems for sharing information: Cargonaut and Portbase. The NLIP complements and connects with these systems and utilises their knowledge and experience.


The Dutch government, like the governments of all other EU Member States, is required to set up a ‘single window’ for submitting information once only to government authorities. This platform is already being developed, and the NLIP is an important part of it. It will make public-sector services more efficient and more cost-effective. The government is also involved due to the importance of the system for employment and economic growth.

Cooperating parties

The parties working together in the NLIP