The NLIPsupports and facilitates information-sharing in the logistics sector in the Netherlands. Standards, including standards for messages, are important in optimising the exchange of information. It is also essential that the IT platforms through which information is shared are reliable. In order to obtain information on the status of connected parties in a transparent and objective manner, the decision was taken to conduct baseline measurements and audits compliant with ISO 27010.
ISO 27010 is an ISO standard for information security systems within information-sharing communities.
The NLIP is pleased to announce that the first baseline measurements have now been made. This audit focused on community members ZET solutions and VAT Logistics. ZET solutions is fulfilling the role of central support organisation (with regard to ISO 27010) within the platform of Transport & Logistics Netherlands (TLN) and is also a service provider on behalf of NLIP/TLN. VAT Logistics is a forwarding agent that will be involved in the ‘Paperless Transport’ pilot project, and can be considered a customer of the services offered through the TLN platform.
By carrying out audits and baseline measurements in the context of ISO 27010, NLIP stakeholders not only help to optimise electronic information exchange in the logistics, but also do so in a measurable and reliable way.